"The LORD will establish you as his holy people,
as he promised you on oath, if you keep the
commands of the LORD your God and walk in his ways."
Deuteronomy 28:9

1984  (Age 38)

I'm Aimee. I spent the summer in Chicago doing my internship. I'm headed back to Jacksonville until January. I will spend the fall working and retaking the one class in all of college I failed and then graduate in Dec. Then in January, I'll be getting married!!! And moving to SC to be a military wife. I'm really excited. Our wedding is going to be in a beautiful little church and teh reception in a pavillion on the beach. It's going ot be unlike any other wedding I've ever been to- Oh wait, that's because it's mine! :) And the lucky man is Jonathan Miller! Heheehee... He's incredible! :)


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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
New blog

Okay, so, this blog is a little out dated, so I created a new one. I dont have anything on it really, but mark it and be sure to check back on it!


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Saturday, January 27, 2007
Ok, 1 more post...
I'm getting married today!!!!!!!! WAHOOOO!!!!      

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Crunch time
It's here... the wedding is ONE MONTH AWAY! I've been doing all of the little things prior to now to prepare for the last month, but yesterday, I just became overwhelmed and stressed! Jonathan felt erally bad bc he could tell I got st ressed. TOday, I feel a little better. yesterday I bought the baskets for the out of town guests, but they took forever to find. I finally found them at a Walgreens at the beach! So I got to decorate those last night... I've got my hair practice apt today and makeup apt and bridal pics. SHould be fun. :)Friday I'm going to go get my dress altered... I'm mailing everything to the church at the beginning of next week... Everything's falling in place fine, but I'm still freaking out. I guess it's just hard that wow, it's really here. My man will be home really soon, and right after that, we'll be husband and wife. I'm so excited, but at the same itme, it's just like WHOA! It's here!         

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Long time, no update...

Well, I just felt I owed everyone an update on my life, plain and simple. Well, Christmas is just a few days away. I'm really not excited or thrilled about it. But Jonathan is coming home in a month, and that makes me VERY excited, and our wedding is just over a month away, making me even mroe excited. Replies are coming in, looking like the numbers will be just right with our families and closest, closest friends.  My tan is slowly becoming darker and my teeth whiter haha...Our main priority right now is Jonathan writing his autobiography for our church stuff, and compiling the music wish lsit. I also have bridal pics next week, so that'll be fun. Otherwise it's all done.

In other news, if you hadn't noticed, i graduated last Friday from college, wahoo... I just recently finished watching Season 4 of "24" and I'm waiting for Jon's return to watch Season 5 with him. Now that I'm caught up, I've been bored. I need to pick up a book and start to read. I just got new glasses and really like them and I'm wearing them more than contacts lately.  I recently joined some online groups/forums about NFP and being a military wife and I'm really enjoying them and finding them helpful... I've got babyitis, but we WILL avoid that for a least a year haha...I've been working a lot, but not making a whole lot in tips (waitressing) but it's okay because I will be done there in less than a month. I just seriously cannot believe how fast time has flown! It seems like just yesterday Jon left, and it was 3 1/2 months ago. That's encouraging.

On the spiritual side of life, God is constantly amazing me and showing me so much. I'm beginning to understand, i think, what his will is for my life, spiritually.  It's jsut a long, slow process. It's something I'm excited about, but cannot explain. It's something that I want to share, but really cant. But each day that He shows me something, I get excitement, an excitement I dont think anyone else can really understand.

And the other thing that's amazing me is how much MORE I'm falling in love with Jonathan. I have to thank God for the blessings in my life. I've heard that planning a wedding is a very stressful time, especially between the couples. Our "fight" of the wedding was over whether or not we needed an electric can opener haha!  We aren't fighting, rather falling more in love! I guess it's the old saying "distance makes the heart grow fonder..." And it's soooo true! I cannot wait until the day he becomes my dear husband and I become his wife!!!

Anyway, I guess that's my update on life in a nutshell. Keep me in your prayers if you will, as the wedding is getting closer, and as I need to begin to look for a PUBLIC RELATIONS job in SC- WAHOO! FINALLY GET TO DO PR WORK!!! YAY! ANyway, peace and love, and uhh... goodnight at 1 am heheee. ::MUAH!::      

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Okay, so I'm just done w/ planning my wedding... I'm so stinking frustrated! My biggest frustration at the moment- finding my bridal jewelry. Then, finding a caterer for the rehearsal dinner. Then, all the people I have to find for down the road- someone to do my hair, someone to alter my dress, someone to do my makeup, someone to do my nails, a good tanning bed, etc. etc. I'm just so tired of it. I originally wasnt going to have all of this, but things changed and now I am but now I'm frustrated with all of it. UGH! Plus, someone told me Men's Wearhouse was a lot cheaper, so when I told Jon, he wanted me to look in to it, so that's just something else to add on to my list, plus going through the whole picking out the tuxes selection process, plus Jon's totally changed what he wants in tuxes, and decided he doesnt want to wear his uniform, rather a tux... Plus, just other frustrations which I can't discuss....   The courthouse is beginning to sound so good...

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
A little better I guess
Well, things are kind of better... or I'm just taking them better. THey're really not better. I still haven't talked to Jonathan in like a week and a half. I thought yesterday we'd be able to talk all day, but he was busy all day and couldnt stay late to talk bc he had a vball game last night... I'm so stinking selfish, but it's just frustrating... I've been emailing him tons about wedding details, telling him and asking him questions, and a lot about God- what God's showing me, where I'm going, what God's doing for me, and he hasn't had time to reply to any of it really. It's not his fault, and i know that, but that doesnt mean I dont get upset and frustrated about all of it. Well, I was happy this morning when I woke up and saw he had come in to the office for the morning and was able to reply quickly to a few of my emails... and he promised that he'd be able to talk a lot tomorrow. That's good bc I have the day off, again... One day at a time, one day at a time.   

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
So today, I was jealous of God. Jonathan went to church and spent an hour in God's house, w/ God... But he didn't have an hour for me :( I know, it's so wrong, but at the same time, it's so hard! I'm so mad b/c we haven't talked since Sun. and won't be able to until Monday! It's been like a few BRIEF "I love you" emails back and forth. We both had Mon off, so couldn't talk, yesterday and today, he's been too busy at work, and then I found out tonight, I'm opening Thurs/Fri/Sat and Sun! No talking... cry And there's more to it. I just hate this! I know I should be thankful that I get to even talk to him through email, some girls don't even get that, but it's hard to look at it that way. I miss him so freaking much! Like, for example, tonight, I FINALLY felt good about a test in this dang class, and I wanted to call him and tell him, then I remembered I couldnt. By the time I got home, I felt like it wasn't even worth sending an  email and wasting his time. And I know that's wrong, bc he cares and wants to hear, but my mind thinks in weird ways I guess.... It all sucks! But it's ok I guess, b/c in 2 months and 25 days, we'll be married! :)   

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
I can't stop

Somedays, Jonathan being gone are okay, no big deal, I can handle them. Others, it's unbearable... I made it through most of the day, just really missing him, but now, I can't stop crying. It's something I try to hide. I only do it in my room or when no one else is home or when i'm driving. I want to be a "strong military wife" but it's so hard. I've read that they are the "silent ranks" and it's true. And it sucks because people try and comfort you by saying "I understand" and unless they have to deal with it, they dont... Like the song on myspace, "Come Home Soon" by Shedaisy, i just lsitened to it, and it was a stream of tears. Right now, i'm just longing to lay with him under a warm blanket and just cuddle and fall asleep in each others arms. Not even a kiss, just his embrace.  i'm so glad now that we changed our wedding date. I know upon his return, I never want to be without him again, even if it was for just another 3 months until our original wedding date, i'd say no. i know he'll have more deployments and idk how i'll handle them, with God and his strength I guess, but sometimes, honestly, that just feels like it's lacking.. or maybe God's just allowing me to feel emotion regarding it all. I dont know! It's all just so hard sometimes. :'(

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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Posting needed...

Well, I'm exhausted, as always any more. I worked all weekend, had Tues off and babysat all day, then I got to go see Vivian and lil Owen- he's so cute! then worked wed. and I was suppose to have today off, but got called at 8:15 wondering where i was- apparently i was on the schedule, but i didnt know it, so rushed in. Now, i'm sitting here, outta the shower bumming in my pjs already. My aunt I live with opened a reslae shop and so I've been trying to help them a LOT, with the kids and all, so i tend to babysit Tues and Thurs mornings and i'm here with the kids in the evenings usually... So, i'm about to go fix dinner and send them to bed by 8 and maybe watch Flight 93, but we'll see... Aside from that, nothing new with wedding plans. I'm just taking a break in a way, and paying for things as I go.  I miss JOnathan sooooo much that I can't even describe it anymore. I guess to say I feel empty, like something's missing would be a start. I still try and tell him everything like normal, but having to type it all out insted of just spit it all out makes it very difficult. Plus, we're about to have a time change and they dont have that, so i have to remember that there will be an ADDITIONAL hour difference between us, so we'll be able to talk a lot less :( Sometimes thigns seem so impossible. Aside from that, i'm trying to read Captivating again and it's real weird reading it when preparing for marriage rather than when single w/ no prospects haha... It's great though. I'm really hoping that it will help me. Anyway, just a brief update. I'm out.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Today I took a nap. I think I really needed it. But there's something going on that really has me down, and that's all I dreamt about. That and work. It wasn't fun but it felt good. My wisdom teeth are killing me coming in. They've been hurting since Sun. I have a lot on my mind. I'm stressed and scared. Please pray for me. That's all. Thanks.   

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